22nd June, 2015

Argyle Laser Inscription Policy

In order to clarify the Argyle laser Inscription policy I went to Argyles Head office here in Perth to discuss the matter with Josephine Johnson the head of Marketing for Argyle Diamonds. She told me they are also trying to set out a time line and explain the order of events.

1. From 1985-1998 only white diamonds over 0.50 ct were laser inscribed. The coloured were not with the possible exception of some of the 1998 tender stones (pink).

2. In 2005 APD (Argyle Polished Diamonds) laser inscribed 0.20 ct and larger Pink Diamonds, and champagne and Cognacs diamonds over 0.50ct. The inscription features the Argyle diamond Logo "A" and the parcel number.

3. Since Jan. 2009 all Argyle Pink diamonds 0.15 ct and above have been inscribed and certified.

There will be further changes as new technology in Laser inscription is on it's way and the prices of these diamonds are going up so fast that the smaller stones are getting very valuable and more people are wanting to collect them or use them in there jewellery designs.

The purpose of inscribing these rare diamonds is to enhance the value of these collectible diamonds. The value of Argyle pink diamonds is rising faster than any other section of the Jewellery business. APD are also wanting to sell the current production at the best price. This means differentiating it from already sold Argyle Pinks. By changing the inscription and certification parameters to include smaller pinks this creates a demand for these newly produced stones over previously sold pinks.

We at Lost River have been able to provide our certificate of origin based on our purchases of Argyle Pinks in Parcels with the lot numbers so that these diamonds can be sold with confidence as Argyle Pinks.