This website is designed for use by professionals in the jewellery industry and is not available for public viewing.

Members of the public can view our range of coloured diamonds at www.diamondsofaustralia.com.au, and request to view them at any of the retail outlets listed on the website.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at Lost River is to provide jewellers with the best value diamonds possible. It is hard work keeping up with the trends and costs of running a jewellery store. We hope to be able to provide you with a valuable tool to assist in understanding the diamond business and in particular the coloured diamond sector which is the most difficult part of the business.

Coloured diamonds, white diamonds and diamond jewellery.

We hope to make your job easier and more profitable by providing photos of coloured diamonds, diamond jewellery and a consistant quality of white diamonds you can rely on, all available through our web page.

If you are in the jewellery business and want to deal with diamonds that mean business then contact Lost River Diamonds for your access codes.